My Diet: Week 3

Friday, February 17, 2012

This week has been a little different than the others.  First of all, the huge spike in my weight you see on the morning of the 12th is the result of my birthday celebration the evening before.  I ate and drank like a king.  Before going to bed, I tried a hangover cure that I heard about while we were on the Michigan Brewery Tour.  It consisted of having a multivitamin, three ibuprofen, and two Tums with a little water before bed.  I skipped the ibuprofen and took the others, and I felt fantastic the next morning.

Another thing that changed was that I was a little less active this week.  I was frustrated that I was only seeing the minimal change in weight with the amount of activity I was putting in.  So, I spent some time on the internet and focused more on what I was eating.  From my limited research, I found there were a few things that I should cut out of my diet and a few things that are worth adding.  Orange juice was a surprise to me.  This was something that was recommended to be taken out.  Gone.  Some foods that I was thrilled to have stay on my list include coffee, jalapenos, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, milk, yogurt, and all fruits and vegetables.  A few that I have added to the diet are green tea and fish: specifically, tuna, salmon, and sardines.

When I did this three years ago, I remember getting into the habit of not eating after dinner.  That was a rule that got stuck in my head somehow and I never went against it.  When I began this diet again, I have been sticking to that rule.  Well, I found out something that goes against this philosophy, and that is that you should never, ever, skip snacks (as long as they are healthy).  So, starting on Wednesday this week, I upped my meals from 5 to 6 a day on days I workout by having a small snack an hour or two before bed.   On Wednesday, I had a small dish of yogurt.  On Thursday, I had a handful of some dried apples and an extra cup of green tea  I could hardly believe the scale on each of these mornings.  How could eating that small snack after dinner and before bed make me lose weight?!?

It kept my metabolism right where it was supposed to be to burn fat.  It kept on burning fat right through the night.  I now have to rescind the statement I made on the previous post.  This isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  It is a lot more simple than I thought!

I’m following some suggestions from Men’s Health among other websites.   The links that I found most helpful were the 15 foods you should eat and the 6 mistakes you don’t want to make.

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